Spreadex Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company is also a bookmaker and there are two parts of its homepage – sports betting and financial trading. We are going to review the financial trading site of the company. It was founded in 1999 and in 2006 Spreadex launched a financial online trading platform.

Spreadex has a proprietary web-based platform that can be run on smartphones as well. Powerful charting tools are essential for any trader to analyse the markets and Spreadex’s advanced charts allow trading directly via charts, automatically pattern recognition and a wide range of technical indicators. Clients have access to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, shares, indices, commodities, bonds, ETFs and Options. There are more than 60 currency pairs and the spread of EUR/USD starts at 0.6 pips and that of GBP/USD starts at 0.9 pips.

Spreadex offers so-called spread betting as well. This is very similar to spot trading but instead of calculating position size, here it is necessary to define the amount ready to be risked. A key factor in the evolution of spread betting is that in the UK there is no tax on gambling profits – such as spread betting.

The Platforms section on the website claims that stop orders are guaranteed. There is an option in the trade window of the platform called Guaranteed stop. Clicking on it will guarantee the execution of orders at the price set. However, you will have to pay for this by adding an ‘Extra spread‘ amount. Otherwise, stop loss orders are not guaranteed and may be filled at a significantly different price.

Something, which bookmakers like Spreadex use, is accepting even smaller clients, so there is no minimum deposit amount required. 

As a FCA regulated company Spreadex provides negative balance protection so clients cannot lose more than their initial deposit. However, if a client is classified as a professional, negative balance protection is not available.

There is a Help section containing video training centre, technical information, charting information, glossary and F.A.Q.s about ESMA’s rules.

We couldn’t find what kind of broker Spreadex is. The fact they provide spread betting supposes the company is a market maker. That means Spreadex directly takes the other side of a client’s position and this can create a conflict of interest. However, this is not necessarily a problem with well-regulated companies.

In general, Spreadex is an FCA regulated forex broker, spread betting provider and bookmaker. It provides one simple and easy-to-use trading platform but the lack of a desktop one may make experienced traders choose another broker with the MetaTrader terminal.


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